“Warriors” by C-Beem

C-Beem is a name that may be new to you, but do not fret by the end of this article you may be slightly obsessed. Leicester is full a talented musicians an C-Beem falls into that category of talent, C-Beem came onto the scene in 2021 and has been a breath of fresh air since them. “Warriors” is the latest track from this musician, this psychedelic, nostalgic track will instantly make you love C-Beem.

When an artist has a song that you can relate to it makes you enjoy the track infinitely more, according to C-Beem the metaphor for warrior starts with his own personal journey and facing battles. Surviving a near heart failure last year C-Beem took that struggle and turned it into “Warriors”.

Everyone goes through their own journey and “Warriors” is showcasing that through this track that sort of transports you in time. With each song that he makes, it tells a story and takes you on hike through the mind of C-Beem, from his first album release to his latest single. Close your eyes and let C-Beem show your mind how to relax.

As “Warriors” starts to come to an end, you’ll feel a sense of calm, a sense of relaxation and comfort. It’s where you can go to truly be free and free to be yourself. C-Beem is an artist that you need to keep an eye on.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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