“Neverland” by Ollie Twohill

Calling all outcasts….repeat…CALLING ALL OUTCASTS. Ollie Twohill is back with his 6th single “Neverland”. If you don’t about Ollie, allow him to be introduced, Ollie is a one man band and he is here to show why you he is deserving of rising to the top. Being a solo artist comes with its challenges but that isn’t stopping Twohill, when doing live shows he sings, plays guitar and uses both feet on a stomp box in addition to that he uses a loop pedal for guitar and high hat cymbal. For the recording of “Neverland” his talented siblings drummer Blair and bassist Lawson help out.

The song was recorded on the sunny Gold Coast Australia in between various border closures and lockdowns in 2021, it was also produced and mixed by Dylan J Smith and mastered in New York based Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet Mastering.

This track instantly makes you want to get up and do a baby mosh pit with yourself or perhaps fellow outcasts. “Neverland” is dedicated to all those marginalised creative & non creative cool people out there who get a hard time most days. Although the meaning may seem drab, “Neverland” is more upbeat than past tracks, he is coming into 2022 with a banger that you can’t miss out on.

This pop punk track will be his number one hit and you’re going to wish you listened to “Neverland” soon but it’s never too late to jump on the Ollie Twohill train. Grab a backpack and your skateboard and follow Ollie to Neverland…a place where you’ll never be judged or misunderstood, a place for you to truly be yourself.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Jay Penfold Photography




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