“Planter” by 1st Base Runner

Here you are again, reading another article about 1st Base Runner. Why? Why is it you keep coming back? Maybe it’s because you can relate to the lyrics and can easily tune out the world and focus on yourself. Tim Husmann is showcasing “Planter”, a single from his latest EP release “Light Roars”. The Austin, TX based solo artist has released a video that portrays the distortion that may go on in your brain, the black and white video is telling the story that you need to hear.

If today was a bit of a rough one and you’re anxiously in your head, the entire EP of “Light Roars” is something that need to be on your radar. If your day was the best day you’ve had in a while the “Light Roars” still need to be at the top of your list. The post punk vibes of “Planter” will make you a fan if you aren’t already, it makes you want to dim the lights and dance like Snoopy.

It’s no surprise that 1st Base Runner is receiving the attention that it is, it’s easy to identify an artist that has extreme talent and Tim falls under that category. “Planter” will quickly become part of his top songs from the EP, it’s amazing how encapsulating he is and how much you want to continue to play his music. Do you want to be the only one who’s missing out on 1st Base Runner?

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Heather Gildroy




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