“CAPRI MOON” by Billy Reeves (feat. IJALE)

Hip-hop artist Billy Reeves and Melbourne musician IJALE collab on their new single, “CAPRI MOON,” a silky-smooth rap tune with elements of numerous genres such as jazz-rap and lo-fi. The track is flawlessly executed, both showcasing Reeve’s and IJALE’s unique voices yet never overpowering the velvety smooth instrumental. 

“CAPRI MOON” is one of those songs that has something for everyone; fans of rap, jazz, lofi, and even lovers of poetry and spoken word won’t get enough of this ultra-catchy tune. Not only is the song itself fun to listen to, but the impeccable artistry that the two display in their lyricism is what really catches my ears. Within the first few seconds, the relaxing yet captivating melody is overtaken by both artists’ near-flawless rap verses, Reeves in the first verse & IJALE in the second. Both artists have undeniable talent and chemistry that work together so perfectly, making an impressive first track of 2022 for Reeves. 

“CAPRI MOON” may be Reeves and IJALE’s first collaboration together, yet the music sounds like they’ve been doing it for years to the listener. In “CAPRI MOON,” both artists tackle complex topics such as the music industry, relationships, and trust issues. The artistry the two display in their lyrics, melodies, and flow all make for a near-spotless track. While both musicians have distinct sounds that make their rap flow unique, the two are unstoppable when they create music together. 

“CAPRI MOON” is produced by LA producer lim0 and written by Billy Reeves and IJALE. Take a listen to both artists’ music, and do yourself a favor and listen to “CAPRI MOON” now, available on all music streaming platforms on August 26th. 

Written by Melissa Cusano







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