“Abstraction in the abyss at Ferris wheel studios by Moli

Here you are again, reading another review about the moniker of Anmol Gupta. Indian born artist Moli is back with an improv/experimental/jazz track…whatever it is, it’s a god amongst all other songs. “Abstraction in the abyss At Ferris wheel Studios – Live” is not only a mouthful but it’s a track from Anmol that really makes you think and also gets you out of your head. He calls it a psychedelic alternative jazz piece.

For 12 hours Moli worked on this track, what started as an impromptu track turned into a masterpiece and it’s obvious to everyone who has heard it. In just a month over 14,000 have stream his song on Spotify, why though? The answer seems easy enough, it’s hard to not get drawn into the passion that Moli holds. You can hear it and feel it in everything he does, to produce, write and compose this in 12 hours is not something to look past, that is a sign of greatness.

Greatness has a tendency of being recognized and that is exactly what is happening here with this track. It’s enticing, it’s fun, it’s relaxing….it can be whatever you need it to be. Honestly if you want to get up and dance, that’s exactly what you should do, Moli isn’t holding back and neither should you.

The exciting part and knowing that he is going to produce more music, what is next for the moniker of Anmol Gupta.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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