“Music All We Have” by SCALLER

Indonesian based band SCALLER is back with another memorable track “Music All We Have.” This single is the latest release from the indie alternative rock duo, their crunchy guitars and relatable lyrics make you want to hear them more and more. In addition to this release, they have a album coming soon “Noised & Clarity.”

Stand up and get ready to let it all out, the anthemic start to the track instantly reels you win. When you introduce the vocals on top of that, you just know you’re about to do that silent cry. Although they are an indie band, this track is very ambient and on the post rock end, despite what “genre” it is, it’s just a track that is irresistible.

This track makes you get out of your thoughts and into the right headspace, it’s easy going enough that is helps you relax but it’s gritty enough to also make you do a mild head bang. Whatever your prerogative may be, just enjoy the track. See why over 50,000 people are enjoying “Music All We Have”, there’s a reason people turn to music to let out their emotions. SCALLER is giving you another avenue of letting them out.

Breathe in….breathe out…enjoy the sounds of SCALLER.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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