“Without You” by The Continentals

They claimed it and they are making it happen, they truly are soon to be the biggest in the world. This five piece from Belfast, UK are coming in fast, heavy and hard. “Without You” is the third single to be released from this indie rock group in just a matter of a year. The guys describe their music as fusing energetic punk chord progressions with britpop-like melodies.

The Continentals aimed to create a monumental tune with this track and boy did that achieve that goal. This song just makes you want to be with friends, surrounded by like minded people that you just want to have fun with. It makes you forget your worries and you just let loose, maybe you start a mini mosh pit with people or maybe you’re just head banging in the corner. It’s perfect for any moment.

Seeing them live should probably be something that you add to your bucket list, they have a tour planned for North of England in February of 2023 and they are also playing the Shine On Festival in November of this year. Now would be a great chance to see them before they become famous.

Get all your aggression out by listening to “Without You” and don’t just stop there, listen to their other tracks if you haven’t already, it truly will be life changing. These 5 guys are making unforgettable music, in an unforgettable time.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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