“Come, Buried Men” by Levi Nice

Nice guys finish last…a phrase that is known amongst many, a phrase that isn’t necessarily true. And is the case of Levi Nice, it is 100% not true, Levi is breaking onto the scene with three singles just in the matter of this year. Levi is a singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist and not only that, he also does his own producing. Not limiting himself to a genre, the production of “Come, Buried Men” will make 11 minutes of your life seem chaotic and calm at the same time.

According to Levi he took a modular approach to production, and he meticulously tied together complex sonic arrangements to form a seamlessly flowing 11 minutes of intriguing sound and art. It’s almost as of this track is three songs in one but yet it still feels like its one song, it’s almost like a mini EP. You can hear the story and feel it and go through all the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of “Come, Buried Men”.

The last 4 minutes is showing the softness and calmness, it’s a bit serene in it’s own way. You can hear the note changes but yet its on the same wavelength, it has heavy grunge vibes with a mix a post punk. It feels like this was originally something that was an improv but over time became more polished, you can feel the real and rawness of the track. Levi Nice is an artist you are going to want to keep at the top of your list.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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