“Day Zero” by satsuma scout

The pandemic is far from over, in the start of 2020 many people started to realize one thing….they weren’t the happiest doing what they were doing, they felt trapped and that wasn’t just because the lockdown. People started to pick up new hobbies and even old ones too. Solo artist satsuma scout is no different, he fell in love with making music again during the beginning of all the madness.

This project was born out of anxiety and dread of the present, that led to the release of debut single “Day Zero”. This track was recorded at his home in Haverhill, MA and he also had help from Nate Bridges of High Noon, he did additional recording, mixing and mastering.

“Day Zero” specifically deals with the frustrating cyclical nature of self-destruction, depressive spells and the quotidian. A lyrically dark song that is accompanied by an upbeat sound, that positive sound isn’t unwanted though. There is a positive message behind the song, everyday is new, you can always start again. It won’t be easy but you’ve gotta believe in yourself, that is the message that portrayed when you hear “Day Zero”.

This may be his first single but satsuma scout has released another single “These Trying Times”, it’s lyrically relatable and vulnerable and you can’t help but to take in the emotions and let it all out. Scout is showing that he is capable of making you feel, and that is incredibly important in music. Don’t miss out on satsuma scott and his two new singles “Day Zero” and “These Trying Times”.

Written by Jaye Maverick

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