“Odyssey” by Andrew Ruoti

New York artist Andrew Ruoti is a multi instrumentalist who is showcasing his art to the world, the idea of genre bending/blending is what he seems to be after. “Odyssey” is the first release from Ruoti since 2018 and he coming back hard with this EP featuring two-time Emmy award winning producer, Uly Millan.

“Odyssey”, is a conceptual album spanning a daunting range of genres, themes and emotions, it’s a musical journey. These five tracks correspond with five original paintings intended to express Odyssey concept, the art was done by Shelly Luan and digital art editor William S. Pierce.

When you think about the world today, what emotions does that dredge up? How dark do these feelings go? How deep are they? As you start the EP these may be a few questions that pop into your mind, the intense opera like track makes you feel like this is the soundtrack to your life. It’s dramatic and reels you in much like the chaos of today, “State of the World” makes you feel.

The deep and heaviness doesn’t stop there, “Tribals and Tribulations” will make you dig even further into those emotions. The path of the EP is a path that most aren’t able to handle, it’s one where you need to be aware of yourself because it can be easy to get lost.

The EP brings up conversations that you must have with yourself, it makes you ask yourself why…why did I feel so intensely just now.? “Odyssey” makes you address those feelings in a safe environment of his music. Every song has its own unique way of bringing out the best and worst parts of you. It’s okay to let the tears flow.

As it all starts to come to an end, you feel of sense of relief, a lightness, as if you’ve gotten rid of all that you’ve been holding onto. Andrew has created a musical path that everyone needs to walk down, it’s a path to becoming a better you and who are you to deny yourself of growth.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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