“Relativity” by Kingdom Calm

Discovering new bands is always fun, when you find that band that you can relate to it’s almost as if a missing piece has been found. Welcome to Kingdom Calm, a three piece indie band from Australia. They make come from “down under” but they are making their way to the top, guitarist/lead vocalist Matt Power, bassist/vocalist Sinclair Alexander and drummer Andy Smith are here to prove themselves to you.

The guys had help with this latest single, keyboardist Scott Aplin joined in, Juan Diaz added addition percussion, Adam Alexander recorded, mixed and produced the track at Bamm Bamm Wolfgang, and Paul Stedanidis mastered it all at Viking Lounge Mastering.

The guys have been known to be really sarcastic and that translates in their music, you gotta love when artist showcase their personalities in their songs. “Relativity” is about the idea that the same situation can be experienced very differently, dependent on the viewpoint of the observer. They strangely connect that to Einstein’s theory of Relativity.

The track is on that makes you think so it’s no surprise that it is connected to Einstein, it’s a bit of a psychedelic track that transports you back to the 60s. It’s old school and nostalgic sounding yet new in its own way, the guys will easily win you over with this sound.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: James Jepsen





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