“Back From The Dead” by Kings & Associates

After 2020 came, some of you may feel like you’re in auto pilot or as if you are a zombie just going through the motions. Kings and Associates is a band full of seven individuals who are making music that comes straight from their hearts. Vocalist and guitarist Ben Cunningham is accompanied vocally by Angela (Anjii) Portolesi, drummer Kelv Sugars, Matt Williams on guitar, bassist Stephen Portolesi. Normally a band will stop there, but this group is anything but normal, Kings & Associates also includes Paul White on the electric organ, Louie Hguera on moog, fender rhodes and clavinet tracking. Jim Scott Plyrz Studio did the engineering.

“Back From The Dead” is the latest release from the group, they speak on the zombie like qualities that have been taken on and finally awaking from that slumber. The classic sounding track will immediately bring you in but you stay for the funky feel that they give off. They keep it soulful and that slap bass is hard to forget.

It’s obvious why this song has been doing so well in just a matter of a month, you will want to be part of the in crowd. As you rise up from the dead, do a little shimmy and show the world you have arrived, show them why you are back. Get nitty and gritty with King & Associates.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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