“Wuss” by Snakedoctors ft Ada Nike

If you’re here then you are probably no stranger to Snakedoctors, the four friends who started this band in Gdansk, Poland. May of 2020 was the start of the group, and since then they have released numerous song and some of these feature other artists. Their single “Wuss” is no different, it features Ada Nike who has worked with the group before.

“Wuss” is a track that is off their latest album release, and they couldn’t have pick a better song to release as a single. The funny video that is attached to the song will be enough to get you hooked if you aren’t already, Snakedoctors is the healthy drug you need.

Judging by the title “Wuss” you can get a small sense of what is going on in the song, it’s about a guy who doesn’t use the opportunities that arrive, he instead focuses on everything but those opportunities. You probably know at least one person like that in your life and if you do, you can relate to “Wuss” even more.

Snakedoctors has never disappointed you before and why would you think that would all of a sudden change. The video is funny, it’s sure to get you off your feet and up dancing and laughing. Don’t be one of the only people who doesn’t listen to Snakedoctors, they are a group that you will want to keep your eye on.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Creds: Michal Mazurek



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