“Idle Thrashing” by Glenarvon

New York City…a place known for great things, a place where nothing but big things happen. Glenarvon is no exception to that, Derek Brown leads this group to have the success they have now. Although Derek was adopted at birth he has unknowingly gotten talents from his biological father who was as singer and guitarist.

“Idle Thrashing” is the second album release from Glenarvon, according to Derek, this is the album he wanted to make at the age of 14. When you click play to start the album, keep in mind that “I’m in the Same Spot Again” is the oldest song on the album. He wrote it when he was just 15 and clearly he’s come a long way since then.

Feeling stuck is one of the worst things to experience, when you try to move but it seems that your feet are super-glued to the floor. The feeling gets described as soon as the album starts, the heavy bass and distorted guitar is what is going to instantly reel you in. The lyrics will make you stay, it is extremely hard to not be enticed by the velvety vocals from Derek.

He continues this through the next two songs, he is making songs that speak on issues that many people have but may be scared to speak upon. He is giving you a space to open up and be free, to be yourself and to be one with you emotions. “Bad Blood” is aggressively slow and allows you to release what has been building up inside.

This ten song album doesn’t show any signs of digression, he seems to stay on the topic of hardships and tough conversations. Glenarvon is providing you with a bit of grunge, punk and a mix of alternative, showcasing his multiple talents throughout “Idle Thrashing”. If 14 year old Derek could see himself now, his heart would be full of happiness.

Although this is only the second album release, there is still plenty of content for you to play and love Glenarvon even more. When you put the words idle and thrash together you think of it as a mild mosh pit, that is the vibe of the album, it appeals to many and all. Don’t be the only person to miss out on Glenarvon, you will regret missing his rise to fame.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Hannah Freiman




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