“Fahrenheit” by Bishop Takes Queen

Bishop taking the Queen, a classic chess move that can be hard to achieve but it is not impossible. Bishop Takes Queen is a three piece band that has been through mental breakdowns, mental abuse, and a lot of recovery. Mike, Lee and Roni lean on each other to get through these tough times, they rise up so they can take down the Queen.

“Fahrenheit” is the first release from the trio which Roni Szpakowski recorded at Peak Studios.

The boys of Leeds start the track off with a gritty classic punk/alternative sound, it makes you feel nostalgic, like you have transported back to the early 2000s. This is the kind of song you would hear play on MTV back when they used to still play music videos, it’s a classic and it’s only a month old.

This debut single is the best way they could’ve showcased themselves, the best way to insert themselves onto this scene. Clearly it’s working because people like you are taking notice, with thousands of listens in just over a month, they can only go up. Before you know it Bishop Takes Queen will be a household name.

Take one more listen, then another and another…”Fahrenheit” is a track that you cannot break away from. Lean into the beautiful noise and just let go. Take down the queen .

Written by Jayé Maverick




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