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“Losing Me” by Chelsea Burns

August 19 brought about the release of “Losing Me” by Chelsea Burns. It is a song full of melancholy and thought. It is a song of loss in an almost bittersweet way.

“Losing Me” is the song one sings about relationships where they’re forgotten–not by the other party, but by themselves. It happens often and this song embodies that feeling perfectly. “I used to be so scared of losing what we started. Got lost on the way there. Never asked for what I wanted,” Burns sings and we know someone can relate. It’s a complicated situation, isn’t it? Knowing things have to change, to end, and realizing that something is amiss.

Burns told us a little about the song, stating that the line “you’re not scared of losing me, but I am” came to her while driving one day and she wrote the song shortly after. The artist has taken to calling “Losing Me” her “self-love” song and says that it is a song for anyone who’s had to let go of someone in order to honor themselves. 

Looking past the lyrics, it’s a beautiful sound with the soft chords of the keys in the intro complementing Burns’ sweet voice. It leads to a perfect crescendo in the chorus–a stunning blend of sadness and sweetness.

Singer-songwriter Chelsea Burns is based in Nashville, Tennessee where she writes indie/pop music on piano. She grew up in Des Moines, Iowa and fell in love with music in high school. The songstress began songwriting shortly after. Burns livestreams original music and covers on Twitch and you can follow more of her socials linked below.

Written by Dana L. Sullivan





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