“Are You Thinking Of Me” by The Starkillers

Since alternative rock group The Starkillers’ formation just about two years ago, The Salt Lake City four-piece is finally set to release their debut album and perform their first show in September 2022. To get the buzz around their upcoming album and performance is their first single, “Are You Thinking Of Me,” a hypnotic, ultra-catchy indie pop song about coming to terms with the harsh reality of a relationship ending. The guitar and drum-driven track is melodic and mesmerizing, having the perfect mix of being subtle yet powerful at the same time. The fact that “Are You Thinking Of Me” is the band’s first single highlights the obvious that The Starkillers are destined for success.

The Salt Lake City rock band consists of four talented band members: Jon Omen, the lead vocalist; Chris Panic, who is the bassist, Doc Taylor on drums, and Mike Fiedel on guitar. Together, the four create magic with their unique blend of alternative rock and pop, with hints of 90s rock vibes. Jon Omen’s enthralling, raspy voice brings an almost country flare to the track, giving “Are You Thinking Of Me” an even more distinct sound. 

The Starkiller’s debut album will tackle the cycle of toxic relationships and every emotion and stage that one goes through when experiencing it. Heartbreak is one of the most painful things to go through, but it is also, unfortunately, a universal feeling that everyone goes through at least once in their life. 

The Starkillers beautifully explores heartbreak and the destructive cycles in toxic relationships. “Are You Thinking Of Me” is the first single off the album and the first track to be written. The song is about someone who realizes that their relationship is not what they want, as it harms them. This devastating reality is something that many people have had to come to terms with in their life, and The Starkillers turned these emotions into a work of art.

Check out The Starkillers’ debut single, “Are You Thinking Of Me,” out now on most major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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