“METAL GHOST” by Jane N’ The Jungle

Here you are again reading another review about Jane N’ The Jungle. Why is that? It seems pretty obvious, they make music that you can’t resist, it’s hard to not be sucked into the jungle. Singer Jordan White has vocals that will blow you away, such a powerful voice and powerful expressions from one body. “METAL GHOST” is another way for her to showcase more of her talents, this latest single is quickly becoming a top hit, click play to find out why.

Although it sounds like it can be demented, “METAL GHOST” is actually quite poetic, it’s an ode to rock n roll and was written on the night of Joey Jordison’s passing. Take a listen to it again, knowing that it’s an ode, it becomes more powerful in it’s own way. In every song that is made, Jordan holds the power in her voice.

According to the group, “Metal Ghost” is about following your muse and falling in love with the unknown, being lost and not wanting to be found. Now is your chance to run, run away, run as fast as you can as you have “Metal Ghost” blaring in your headphones. Don’t look back, and just be free, the Metal Ghost is in you, waiting to be set free.

Let no one and nothing hold you back, find your voice just as Jordan has.

Written by Jayé Maverick

Photo Credz: Jim Louvau





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