“Pete and Roger” by The Margaret Hooligans

You are here for a reason, it’s your third time and you are back to read about The Margaret Hooligans again. The ukulele and the drums are enough to bring you back, of course they are more than just that, the music they make together is a nostalgic yet fresh sound that you cannot get enough of. The big question when is comes to musicians is why do you make music together? For Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium it’s simple….because they live in the same house nad 2020 amplified their need to get out their creativity.

“Pete and Roger” is the ultimate tribute song to The Margaret Hooligans favorite band, The Who. They salute the iconic Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey by retelling the tale of their start long-standing friendship. Just like every song, they carefully selecting pieces of The Who songs that they found to be great. That inspired their instruments for the track, this fifth single is showcasing more of their talents, they keep proving to you why they deserve your attention and love.

The Margaret Hooligans have a much anticipated album getting released, “Turntable Tribulation” is set to come out in October. “Pete and Roger” is a single that will be featured on the LP, now is your chance to memorize all their songs and make space for the new ones to come. From old bands to new ones, The Margaret Hooligans are keeping a classic sound fresh.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credz: Melissa Nannen





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