“Boathouse” by Flatfoot Sam

You’ve heard of Big Foot butttttt have you heard of Flatfoot Sam? You’d be living under a rock if you said no, Flatfoot Sam is a DJ/producer you need in your life..that is if he isn’t already. “Boathouse” is the latest release from Mr. Flatfoot himself, this new single is the first release since debut album “TripField”. If you don’t already know, this is a genre created by Sam, it’s a mixture of Trip Hop and Leftfield, a sound that won’t disappoint you.

According to Flatfoot Sam, “BoatHouse” is a chilled spiritual feel good track. This is a track intended to get you out of your mind and essentially to just let your brain relax a bit. The DJ from Southampton keeps you focused on yourself and not your thoughts, it’s a track that sets you in battle mode.

As you’re fighting the intensity, you will feel yourself starting to unwind and not be so tense and high strung. Lyrically the track is almost understandable but that doesn’t stop “Boathouse” from tugging at the many emotions that are coming through. DJ Flatfoot Sam should be at the top of this list of favorite artists, he’s proven himself time and time again that he deserves to be at the top. Will “Boathouse” be the track that sways you in the right direction? Don’t be the only one to miss out.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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