“Falling by the Wayside” by Paul Mac Innes

Paul Mac Innes is bringing the retro sound we’re missing from today’s music. His newest single “Falling by the Wayside” has a Motown flavor and classical production that will capture the hearts of listeners young and old.

The Sweden-based singer produced the song with Mattias Axelsson in Skeppet, a studio in his hometown Gothenburg. It was written sometime before the pandemic and was put on hold for a few years until a recent live performance that sparked Paul’s interest again.

“Falling by the Wayside” is captivating from the first note. It begins with a snappy beat and a charming bell. It opens into the verse with a booming, nostalgic voice from Paul. His voice carries the warmth and soul of great artists before us like Ray Charles and Al Green. It is a magnificent sound to hear from a Swedish singer.

The blend of Paul’s charming voice with uplifting instrumentals makes you want to get up and dance away your troubles. The lyrics share a similar tone. They talk about hoping to let go of the problems from our past and moving on to better things. The chorus goes:

Can we let it all go or must we let go?

I don’t know how

But I hope that somehow

We can make this workout

Find a higher ground

Get off this merry-go-round

Let’s not fall by the wayside

“Falling by the Wayside” will age like fine wine. A timeless voice like Paul’s paired with beautifully arranged instrumentals will turn new listeners into long-time fans.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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