“Mr. Love” by Wise John

If you think the soul-rock songs of the 60s are long gone, listen to Wise John’s latest single, “Mr. Love.” This groovy track is an upbeat, relaxing mix of folk rock and power pop, showcasing John’s nostalgic yet not over-the-top vocals and instrumental, reminiscent of songs of the past. “Mr. Love” is the perfect example of appreciating music from our roots but simultaneously making it your own and fresh. “Mr. Love” is an easy-listening song that anyone will nod their head to and play once or twice, or possibly even three times in a row. 

Along with Wise John himself, “Mr. Love” couldn’t have been done without the help of artist Elise Trouw and producer Quinn Devlin. The track was recorded in Brooklyn, New York, featuring an entire band arrangement with a Hammond B3 organ, two saxophones, and a 6-voice backing choir. Along with the uplifting, powerful music, Wise John himself has such a warm, welcoming demeanor about him that anyone will want to give his music a chance. 

Accompanied by “Mr. Love” is an equally as expressive and charming music video. The video features a cozy Brooklyn apartment, showcasing John, Elise, and Quinn creating magic with their instruments and a camera, nothing less, nothing more. Just this snippet into the three artists recording “Mr. Love” in the music video proves if the talent is there, nothing else is needed. 

Do yourself a favor and listen to “Mr. Love”, available on all major music streaming platforms today.

Watch the iconic “Mr. Love” music video below!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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