“I’m a mess” by Lais Scort

Photo credit: Sara Cerutti

Lais Scort is healing herself and others through music. “I’m a mess” takes listeners through a story of self-doubt and overcoming one’s toughest battles.

The Irai, Brazil-based singer/songwriter discusses why she writes music to heal and transmute pain into wholeness. In 2008, Scort suffered from a pool dive injury that broke her neck and left her quadriplegic. After the incident, she had a conversation with a spirit guide that told her she had the option of continuing life on Earth or leaving. And after the passing of her father, she felt him guide her through the spirit realms and encourage her to turn pain into music.

The result of Scort’s spiritual journey is music that floats lightly and celebrates life. She believes that songs are portals and that her music can bring heaven to earth for those who need it most. Her catalog covers many experiences such as grief, rebirth, and self-discovery.

Some of Scort’s biggest inspirations include Fia and White Sun and her voice has been compared to artists like Billie Eilish and Imogen Heap. Her tone is bright, and you can hear her smiling through her words. Whether you’re familiar with spirituality or this is your first time diving into a music genre that intersects with the spirit realm, you can feel a positive power radiating through Scort’s music. And her latest single “I’m a mess”, is an example of the healing and positivity that Scort is driven to establish in her listeners.

When describing “I’m a mess”, Scort writes “[it] is a journey towards self-love to the overlooked highly functioning anxious people and anyone who has a lot of baggage. It’s for all of us who feel we need to have our sh*t together in order to be loved to embrace that healing is messy and we are worthy of love and support.”

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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