“Over the Rainbow” by Under Delusion

Here you are back again reading another review about the band from Russia that is taking over your brain. Under Delusion is here with single “Over the Rainbow”, the alternative rock band features lead female vocals from someone who doesn’t seem like she holds that much power. Accompanied by the rest of the band makes everything amplified, it’s a sound you don’t want to miss.

When an artist writes a song, there is usually meaning behind that, “Over the Rainbow” is no exception. Maxx Verkhovski was in their minds when the wrote this track, he had a hand in a lot of their music and this is dedicated to him.

Under Delusion is still giving you a grunge, dark track that gives you chills up and down your spine. “Over the Rainbow” is quite the opposite of what you think when you see the title, it’s not the upbeat track you would expect. When artists make songs that are meaningful to them, it makes it meaningful to you as well, “Over the Rainbow is no exception.

This melodic track still fulfills your need to rock, before the track is over you’ll be singing along with them. “Over the Rainbow” is on their way to being one of their top singles and it’s evident why. This will be a song you play when your emotions are heightened and you just need to let it out, maybe you need a good cry, “Over the Rainbow” is the track you will play.

Don’t be the only one to miss out on Under Delusion.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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