Artist Interview: “MELT” by Xedrin and ✦kenji✦

Q: I absolutely love the genre-fusing feel of “MELT”! It has elements of rock, pop, and even some rap and screamo in there. What was your favorite part in creating this track?

A: Easily our favorite part of the creation, speaking on behalf of everyone involved was definitely the actual recording process. We got the entire song done in one night, everybody was just hanging out in Xedrin’s room and he showed the group a hook he had been working on and it was an instantaneous vibe. The session only lasted maybe 2-3 hours, but was an absolutely amazing night.

– kenji

Q: What was the best piece of advice you’ve received about the music industry, and what has it taught you along the way?

A: Whenever you start making your music for the audience, as soon as you start making music to cater to what others think, and not making it for yourself; that’s when the passion/outlet becomes a chore. We (Xedrin & kenji ) both have gotten to points in the past where we realized the music we were releasing wasn’t what we enjoyed making, and we were too caught up in meeting other people’s expectations. 

The second you let go of that part of your ego, be yourself, embrace your uniqueness and push boundaries with yourself, that’s where the dream starts coming to fruition.


Q: “MELT” sounds like it was made to be performed live! What has been, so far, your favorite song to perform and why?

A: As soon as that drop hits, it switches from a slower song into something you can jump to. The best feeling about performing MELT is watching the audience’s energy rise along with us, and seeing the whole venue on their feet. I think I can speak for Xedrin and I both when I say that our favorite song we’ve performed was MELT at AdultsOnly bar in Los Angeles. The song was still unreleased at the time, but we had all four artists on the song with us that night, so it was a really good time. Regardless of whether or not they know the lyrics, it’s exciting to see people’s first-hand reaction to the songs we put out.

– ✦kenji✦

Q: I love both of your voices; it reminds me of emo rock bands I loved from my childhood. Who are your biggest musical influences?

A: kenji✦ : XXXTENTACION, Brevin Kim, Jean Dawson

Xedrin: XXXTENTACION, Mac Miller, DC the Don

Q: From the lyrics, “MELT” is about moving away, completely changing your live, and getting broken hearts along the way, but I could be wrong. What inspired you to write this track?

A: Xedrin here for this answer; MELT is the first of five singles of my debut rollout, each song representing one of the five stages of grief (MELT being ‘denial’). Right before moving to Los Angeles I had just gone through a nasty break-up of a 2-year-long relationship, and subsequently found myself relapsing on a substance I had previously struggled with (which I don’t feel comfortable answering at this time), fell back into addiction, and with no secured job or home yet I packed my bags and moved to LA at 17. In MELT each one of the different artists represented a different voice/narrative in my head at the time. It only felt right to feature the people who were there for the entire thing and helped me through the stuff. Almost a full year of healing later and I finally feel okay enough to talk about it. So MELT and the following 4 singles are the beginning of my story. MELT is about the state of denial one finds themselves in after emotional stress or trauma (a breakup, addiction, running away, etc.).

Q: What has been one of the highlights of your music career so far?

A: Moving to Los Angeles, easily.

Q: Tell me and everyone what’s coming next for you! Any new projects in the works?

A: As I said above, I (Xedrin) have four singles fans can expect to see in the next 5 months, most notably I have a single BETTER! releasing in early October, which will be followed by the highly anticipated HEAVY JACKET with Peech., which will be releasing November 4th, my 19th birthday.

✦kenji✦has been teasing a single titled crying in the bowling alley,folks can expect to hear more soon!

Q: Thanks so much for talking with me! What would you like to say to your fans out there? 

A: I love and appreciate every single one of you individually. You guys are a family to me, and it feels so special to be able to share my emotions and experiences with everyone. Thank you for listening. Enjoy.


Interviewed by Melissa Cusano


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