ID:Me by Marxoxo is a hyper-pop masterpiece. Each song is brimming with creative production, invigorating melodies, and above all, eccentric textures and sounds. It’s exemplary of hyper-pop’s core–drama, velocity, and innovation. 

Each song surely bears some continuity, giving the EP a satisfying, cohesive sound. However, the difference in sounds and samples separates them a bit. For example, “Anywayz” uses this spacey, mallet-like synth to create the harmonic structure, while “Fake Love” is characterized by the juxtaposition between a sharp, tinny synth and a fuzzy bass. Both have a higher-pitched synth performing these fast, almost gymnastic arpeggios, but the treatment and timbre of these synths give them different atmospheres. 

The vocals fall in a middle range tonally, sandwiched between these aforementioned twinkling high synths and deep bass lines. There’s a layer of salient autotune enveloping the melodies (a staple of the genre) and some masterfully placed modulation and reverb. The lyrics are simple, repetitive, but most of all–relevant. Dance music like this typically repeats memorable phrases that don’t require too much thought. What makes this special, however, is the fresh, generational language onto which young people can grasp. The messages are steeped in self-actualization, exploration, and confidence. 

If you’re a fan of hyper-pop and want to support an LGBTQA+ musical artist, Marxoxo is overflowing with talent, potential, and good energy. This EP is ideal for any nightlife setting you could imagine–a bar, a club, a party. Regardless, if you’ve got aux duty, put on ID:Me and your friends will be dancing in no time. 

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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