“Halcyon Daze” by PolSky

The first thing you’ll notice about PolSky’s new single is the cover art. It features a box of pills against a sterile white background with the band’s name followed by “corp.” You might have to look closely to realize that the pill box doesn’t say “antidepressant” but “anti-antidepressant.” Already, it’s clear what vibe the band is going for.

“Halcyon Daze” is a song whose form matches its content. It’s about the desire to return to a previous era, to go back to one’s glory days— or perhaps to society’s glory days. Fittingly, the song is in a retro indie-dance/disco style. It sounds vaguely 80s or 90s without seeming dated. The band itself calls this track an “urgent upbeat dance floor banger,” and this description is spot on— it’s got a driving beat and a super catchy melody. Even the lyrics will make you want to get down with it in the club with your friends for some nostalgic commiseration. 

PolSky mocks modern culture in everything they do— and they really think of every detail. They parody corporations by calling their band an “executive board;” the keyboardist the “Senior Synth Architect,” the drummer the “Rhythm Logistics Engineer,” and so on. This is an amusing touch of irony that probably appeals more to the younger generation of listeners. But, being inspired by bands like The Cure and Bloc Party, PolSky is right when they say that “Halcyon Daze represents a truth and urgency which multiple generations can relate to.”

“Halcyon Daze” is the second single off PolSky’s new album which comes out next year. 

Written by Maya Merberg





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