Artist Interview: “White Wine Red Lies” by Hairu Tokyo, Star Light & Yng Dee

Hey guys! Absolutely digging the vibe of “White Wine Red Lies”! It has a such catchy, fun vibe that has an almost nostalgic emo-rock feeling to it, but has such a modern take. Can you walk me through the creative process in making this track?

Hairu: Honestly, I think we were all at a point where we were trying to show we can do more than just one genre. We also live in the same area, so when we do songs together, we are in our studio together. But Dee had actually got me to do a song called ‘Night Stand’ that kinda birthed this song and really the entire project. But for me, I wrote the chorus first, and the name of our project is called “Red Wine and White Lies.” So in the car bringing my ex her work clothes, I just sang to the beat, “She sipping white wine but she telling red lies,” and I didn’t mean to say it backward but it stuck. Cause white wine is typically sweet, but red lies mean that you are telling lies for spite and revenge. So in saying that, she is sweet but also wants to hurt. But I had a migraine when I sang that as well and it was like 5am, so on the way, people hit their brake lights and they literally blinded me. That’s kind of how the chorus was born. I feel like both Star Light and Yng Dee from there took that and built off of it to make one of our greatest songs yet.

Star Light: It was a sound none of us had really done before. We wanted to branch out but weren’t sure of where to go with it. We just started looking at different producers and found sounds that were different to us. It was different but almost easy and natural at the same time.

Yng Dee: For most of our emo-rock styled projects we sometimes all come to together and make up random perspectives for example: “You woke up this morning , you see a text from your girlfriend who is now your ex saying she’s leaving you. She took the tv and other things that belonged to you while you were passed out drunk from the night before.” Given this point of view we’d all write about how we’d go about this situation , how we feel and simple just be creative. 

Q: For all three of you, if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take three albums with you, which would they be?

Star Light: That’s so tough but I’d have to say Future by Future, Young Fel 2 by Felly, and The Afterglow by Blackbear

Hairu: Hotel Kalifornia (Hollywood Undead), ATTENTION ATTENTION (Shinedown), and Race Me to Hell (Dro Kenji)

Yng Dee: “no apology”, “Love and space dust”, and”Red wine and white lies.” I choose this list because each of the albums were around the time all of us were dealing with heartbreak or just down in life and opening up. 

Q: “White Wine Red Lies” feels like it was just made to be performed live, have you yet? If not, what has been your favorite song to perform live so far?

Hairu: We actually have not gotten to perform it yet. Both Dee and Star have performed their own songs live but as a group, we have not yet. Hopefully coming soon.

Star Light: It hasn’t been performed live yet, but we plan to in the future. My favorite to perform live was probably push it with Yng Dee. The energy was great.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice each of you have received about the music industry, and how has it helped you navigate through your journey thus far?

Yng Dee: The best advice about the industry that I’ve received was to find your own lane and be different. How can you stand out if you sound like the next person. Also, everything is not what it seems. Yng Dee: “if you won’t take the risk on your own self, why would anyone else?” This mindset has helped me navigate because it really makes you think about the reasons you are as far as you came so far and there’s no one else to blame but yourself. 

Star Light: I think the best advice I’ve gotten is to network as much as possible. Connections are valuable, and you never know where they can take you.

Hairu: My best piece of advice I received is to stop caring about how people think it sounds. Do it for you, and what you like to do, you’d be surprised how many people are actually like you. I also like hearing that cause I like my music to actually have meaning or even help people.

Q: What do you hope listeners take away from listening to “White Wine Red Lies”?

Star Light: Songs can be interpreted in so many ways, ultimately I hope everyone enjoys the energy of it in their own way.

Hairu: I think to take from it that anything is possible. We went from 10 streams on a song to 32k listeners in almost under a year, and on top of that headed, to be our first song to hit 1 million plays is spectacular. 

Q: What was your guys favorite part in creating ““White Wine Red Lies”?

Star Light: Personally, my favorite part was just creating something fun and different. None of us were used to anything like this before. It was nice to branch out.

Yng Dee: My favorite part about making this tape was the fact that I specifically don’t make this type of music. Although, doing this really helped expand my versatility and see a side of my voice that I never knew was in me. My other favorite part about making this project was the fact that it all aligned so perfectly. Everyone had their own problems, journey, and issues going on around them, but we all still had the same motivation to still be creative.

Hairu: I think for me, my favorite part about this song is it opened the door for all of us in writing, and for me, it has especially helped me find my sound. The whole song in itself was just a fun process to do with close friends. 

Q: Tell everyone what’s next for you! Are any tours, or new projects in the works?

Star Light:
Tours are always a goal, but we know it may take some time. We’re trying to do more shows locally and keep working on making music for everyone to enjoy.

Hairu: We are still looking into performances and also hosting our own underground stuff but we actually just released kind of the next evolution of the project called “Local Celebrity” I think we all agreed on doing a collab like this at least once a year. Cause overall, it is just fun to do. But we all have dropped our own solo stuff recently as well so check us out on all platforms. 

Thanks for talking with me! Any parting words to your fans?

Star Light:
Everyone really just needs to keep doing what they love. Whatever it is, do it til you make it and have fun doing it.

Hairu: Our biggest message is a huge thank you for the continuous support; it is getting us more and more recognition. And helping us grow in our on solo careers as well. Huge thanks to our close friends and family for helping us with everything we have done up to this point and more is to come from all of us very soon!

Interviewed by Melissa Cusano


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