Oklahoma is known for two things, their tornadoes and the Oklahoma Sooners. But soon that’s about to change, Brujo is a name that will be known to many including you. This four piece is showing you the hard work they have been doing since 2018, drummer Alex Clark, bass player Wes Cochran, Guitarists Taylor and Jesse Crittenden are back.

The EP starts off with a self titled track, it has heavy hitting guitars with a surf type sound. “Rft” is fun and quirky and makes you want to dance, grab a friend because it’s about to get crazy. About halfway through the track Brujo shows you why you can’t put them in just one box. It slows down and gives you a jazzy vibe mixed with a 60s rock feel, they almost give off a Beatles vibe.

Just ride the wave as the song ends because they are about to switch it up on you again. The laid back country type sound makes you feel nostalgic, it has a jazz twang to it that becomes irresistible. “Albatross” makes you want to swing dance with your honey while enjoying a cold drink.

They continue to surprise you because just as you get into the groove they give you this gritty guitar with powerful drums. It sucks that the EP had to end because you can’t help but to want more from these guys. Keep blasting “Rft” until their next release, hopefully it isn’t too long.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Elizabeth Humpula




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