“Somethin About Her” by Red Skies Mourning

“Somethin About Her” by Red Skies Mourning is simply put— a song from the heart. Chris Aleshire, under the stage name Red Skies Mourning, is giving listeners a look into his romantic side.

The new single was written by Aleshire, co-written by Ryan Curtis, and produced by Cesar Da Emperor. The Baltimore-based artist is leaning toward an 80’s pop vibe perfectly suited for a late-night drive in Miami or laying under palm trees in the tropics.

“Something About Her” begins with a groovy beat and electric snapping, characteristics common for an old-school 80’s love ballad. It opens into a bright and energetic verse where Aleshire’s vocals are smooth and sultry. His tone blends well with the synth instrumentals.

The chorus leans into a more upbeat pop sound. The lyrics go:

It’s too easy

Just to spend all day to watch your lips move

Can’t resist, sittin here, I adore you

You know it’s too easy

How we connect on a level, just a preview

How today I never ever want to leave you

The lyrics remind me of boybands from the ’90s and early ’00s. They are sweet, unapologetic, and just plain catchy. Aleshire does an excellent job at balancing heartfelt lyrics with sultry and electric sounds to create a song that is multi-dimensional.

“Somethin About Her” is overflowing with confidence. Fans new and old of Red Skies Mourning will be taken back by their shift in sound. Their music over the last few years has felt a bit experimental, but it seems now that Red Skies Mourning is finding their desired niche. It will be exciting for fans to see what they come out with next!  

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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