“Sing Out Loud” by Sano Hill

Electrifying vocals, a captivating instrumental, and a tune that won’t get out of your head for days: Ireland-based singer-songwriter Sano Hill’s latest track, “Sing Out Loud,” is all that: An upbeat, fun song that anyone will love.

“Sing Out Loud” is the fourth single off Hill’s forthcoming album, “If Not Now, When?”, a collection of songs that will capture the post-pandemic world and all that we’ve gone through during these past two and a half years. The album will tackle topics of reconnecting with others and the world, as well as the insecurities that Hill goes through when getting ready to finally perform live again. This foreboding feeling is something that many artists deal with, and Hill captures it so beautifully in “Sing Out Loud.”

Sano Hill’s voice is so unique that it will immediately drag any listener into the song. His vocals, lyrics, and upbeat instrumental consisting of guitars, drums, and angel-like background vocals give the song a unique charm. 

“Sing Out Loud” is not only a song that other artists navigating the post-pandemic world will relate to, but anyone trying to get back into the world again will appreciate it, as we have all been stuck in our homes for quite some time. With live music coming back, comes that connection we’ve lost for the past couple of years. 

Do yourself a favor and check out “Sing Out Loud,” now available on all major music streaming platforms. Keep a lookout for Hill’s upcoming album, “If Not Now When?” as well.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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