“Outside Of The Box” by Gas Station Pizza

Florida Punk rock band Gas Station Pizza has an enthralling new album, “Outside Of The Box”. This album, comprised of 10 hard-hitting, super catchy songs, gives a look into the group’s insane talent. Not only is each song uniquely crafted, showcasing their captivating use of different genres and decades as inspiration, but each song has something extraordinary that stands out.

Gas Station Pizza members include Jason Banning on vocals/guitar/synth, Javier Perez on guitar, Cody Nordine on bass, and Elden Santos on drums. Whether it’s Banning’s expressive vocals or the blunt and alluring instrumentals that accompany him, there is something for everyone in this exciting album. The modern take on the uncompromising instrumental and vocals is something that makes this album so exciting, being that it’s familiar yet unpredictable at the same time.

The group is a unique homage to 90s punk-rock bands. Although inspired by multiple different artists and styles from that decade, Gas Station Pizza stands alone as a punk-rock group, as they have created their own distinct sound. 

Some songs on “Outside Of The Box”, such as the to-the-point “Punk Rock Alarm Clock” or “The Fuggit Switch,” are heavier on the 90s metal aspect. Others, such as “Nostalgia ”A Rock Called Life,” are soothing and give off a competely different vibe from any punk rock album I’ve heard. This track is synth-heavy, highlighting a lighter, more quaint sound of Gas Station Pizza. The range of this unique band is showcased flawlessly within their 10-song album. 

Take a listen to the genre-fusing Gas Station Pizza’s new album, “Outside Of The Box”, officially out now! The album is available on major music streaming platforms. Guarantee any song on this album will get any party going and add some new fans to this captivating, blast-from-the-past band. Check it out!

Written by Melissa Cusano






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