“Hero Song” by Xavier Bernazard

If you’re a fan of deep songs full of meaning, positive messages, and an upbeat instrumental, you will love Xavier Bernazard’s single, “Hero Song.” Lovers of anime and video games will be thrilled by the familiar valiant and bold instrumental, reminiscent of old-school Nintendo and cartoons. Xavier’s soaring vocals are of the utmost importance, as it brings a calmness to the track. “Hero Song” is Xavier’s homage to his family, who, like many of us, are heroes in his eyes. 

Xavier is a unique singer, having a very courageous yet gentle voice. “Hero Song,” along with Xavier’s other music, cannot be put into a box, as it is a hot pot of differing genres, yet Xavier creates a distinct sound of his own.

At some points, his vocals sound like a mix between a singer-songwriter and a pop singer. At other times, his voice is somewhat theatrical; either way, Xavier has undeniable talent and ambition that truly belongs on stage. The way that artists can take their inspirations and create something that has never been done before is remarkable. 

“Hero Song” is the third and final single for Xavier’s upcoming album “Balloons For My Funeral,” along with his other two singles, “Restart” and “Enemy.” Play “Hero Song” at your next kickback, pool day, or relaxing drive. Play it in front of your anime, video game-obsessed friends, and guaranteed, Xavier will immediately have a bunch of new fans. 

Check out “Hero Song” now, available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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