“Where Do We Go From Here” by Sandmoon

Indie folk/rock band Sandmoon has a new emotional, captivating, and tear-jerker of a single, “Where Do We Go From Here.” This difficult yet important track tackles the reactions, which can range from anger to sadness, on finding out a loved one has the debilitating Alzheimers disease. The song is so beautiful, from the subtle instrumental to the bandleader’s Sandra Arslanian cry-like vocals. Although the reality of what this song is about painful to think about, there is genuinely nothing more near-flawless than music that comes straight from the heart.

“Where Do We Go From Here” is a dedication to Sandra’s mother, who dealt with this awful and dreaded disease. When someone we love is going through something so horrible, it is sometimes hard to be with yourself, look at your own emotions, and give yourself time to process.

We, as humans, are selfless to those we love. Something so special about this track is how Sandra is trying to articulate her emotions, not only about her mother but about how she is going to handle this tremendous loss. When Sandra cries out the lyrics “Where Do We Go From Here,” those who have dealt with grief in any capacity can relate to the feeling of hopelessness. When sad, happy, or angry, someone who Sandra would go to is no longer there, and it is a painful reality that is so beautifully executed.

“Where Do We Go from Here” is the band’s second single from their forthcoming album “While We Watch the Horizon Sink.” This amazing track is now available on all major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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