“The End of the Ride” by Blue Work

“The End of The Ride” by Blue Work is a highly idiosyncratic piece. The vocals are edited to have this gloriously otherworldly sound, and the track utilizes the most beautifully distinct textures. If you love music that puts you into a trance, this will doubtlessly tickle your fancy.

It starts off with a pulsating synth, which swiftly catapults us into a verse. The vocals chime, “He went out every night / And baby, that’s alright,” as a flurry of sounds collects beneath the melody. A shaker holds the beat. The synth continues to swell with vibrant chords. This sound that can only be described as a bubble popping adorns the rhythm. Already, the listener can sense the creative, experimental nature of the artist and the piece itself.

The chorus pours in, and the melody takes on a repetitive, catchy arc. Background vocals outline moments where the lead takes a pause, and little twinkles of synth flutter in and out of the mix. Even as the instrumentation dies down, the singer continues this recurring motif. The constant changes in dynamics and busyness create appeal even when the lyrics and melody remain stagnant. It’s an engaging and effective technique.

The rest of the song sticks with the mesmerizing atmosphere with some little tweaks and additions–including a portion in which the singer croons a rhythmically ambiguous line over a static cloud of synth. Be sure to check out Blue Work. Whether you’re left bobbing your head to the beat or analyzing the sound design, you’ll appreciate the artistry that went into making this unique track.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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