“Dead End” by Sinikka Monte

“Dead End” by Sinikka Monte is just as catchy as it is haunting. It takes the form of a pop song but has the sound and spiteful grit of a rock song. The well-crafted melodies and chord changes will make you feel deep in your bones exactly what the lyrics are saying: it’s hard to trust again after your trust is broken.

The song kicks off with some hummed background vocals, eerie and drenched in reverb. A tight, crunchy group of power chords signals the beginning of the verse: “I’m coughing up the words that you left in my mouth / You should’ve left me better than the way I was found.” The words and chord choices combine to create this vindictive mood. Instrumentation keeps layering on, deepening the rhythmic sensibility and building the mix for the inevitable arrival of the chorus. A bit unexpectedly, it doesn’t blow up immediately. The pre-chorus welcomes a brief dissolution of the build with some spacey guitars and a slightly melancholy chord progression. Then, the chorus lowers the energy even more. A piano performs the accompaniment alone, heartbreaking chords ringing out under Sinikka’s vocal line–then, just when we thought it was a false build, the rhythm kicks back in and the hook absorbs a groovy ferocity.

If you’re into pop/rock fusion, you’ll absolutely adore this song. It’s one of the better examples of a well-executed rock revival in this day and age. Be sure to listen and follow for more emotionally gratifying music from Sinikka Monte!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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