“Curtains & Swift Knuckle Solution Live at The Danger Room” by DCxPC Live Vol. 7

If you’ve been living under a rock, that’s fine. There is no judgement here, but let’s catch you up. DCxPC Live has been around for about a decade, booking and releasing music from live shows for multiple bands. Let’s fast forward to November 2022 when they released their latest live album with skate punk band Curtains and gritty punk band Swift Knuckle Solution. The vinyl release features songs from Curtains on side A and songs from Swift Knuckle Solution on side B.

Curtains: Mike Levin (Guitar & Vocals), John Grimaldi (Guitar), Wes Snowden (Bass), Micky Michalec (Drums).
Swift Knuckle Solution: Roger, Lance, Tony and Mike

Let’s start with Curtains, who is described as melodic skate punk with a touch of alternative melodies. They start off their live show with “Scattered” which is an unreleased track, it’s fast and makes you want to immediately hop into the mosh pit. They continue the fun with “Downturn” which is equally upbeat and in your face, they provide you with tracks that make you just want just jump out of your head. “Smoke Alarm” is a track from their first EP release back in 2019, it’s no surprise why this was chosen, it’s by far the heaviest song they play and the intensity is awesome.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Curtains and jam out for a bit, let’s switch gears and head towards Swift Knuckle Solution. This four piece punk band is more on the grit and grime end, the heaviness is apparent in their first track “Take the Ride” and boy is it a ride. The aggressiveness it something to be admired, it makes you really enjoy the mosh pit while you’re in it. The energy released is cathartic, this continues onto the next tracks “Bonham and Moon” and “Dead Palms”. They give you never ending vibes of rage.

Missing out on these two bands would be a shame, especially if you don’t live in Florida. This is the way you can feel like you have been to a live show by then, crank up the soundbar and have a party in your living room. These two artists will bring out your inner child and your inner rage, don’t miss out.

Written by Jayé Maverick

-Recording, Engineering, Mixing and all that shit: Josh @ Danger Room Recording Services
-Record Pressed: VRP (www.vinylrp.com)
-Cover and Label Printing: Imprint Indie Imprint (iloveimprint.com)
-Photos: Jim Leatherman (https://www.facebook.com/jim.leatherman)
-Cover Art Work: Jessica Hadas (IG @starbytez)
-Cover Inspiration: Vindictive Music Label, V.M.L. Live Series




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