Review & Interview: “Uncontrollable” by Jordan Mericle

“Uncontrollable” by Jordan Mericle is dramatic, vocally impressive, and marvelously vintage. It combines influences from various decades to create something entirely unique. As the 80s synths and 90s vocal stylings weave through this piece, you’ll be left dazzled by Jordan’s musicianship. 


It starts with some minor piano chords and a steadily pulsing hi-hat. Jordan suddenly croons, “Sleepless night / The snowfall here is quietly collecting on the ground in rearview.” The instrumentation remains simple, save some booming synths that have settled into the background. The simplicity actually injects the lyrics with a bit more urgency, as most of our attention is drawn to the vocals. 

The chorus arrives with a swath of harmonies, tightly adhering to the lead vocal. The structure of the chords they create is full, intense, and might just give you chills. The drums here are a bit more complicated, incorporating several different textures. The moment the chorus ends, however, the instrumentation drops out leaving Jordan crying, “I’m who I am when you are here with me.” 


Later on, we’re gifted with a bridge that truly showcases Jordan’s voice. She reaches for these smooth, belted notes as background vocals trill through the empty sonic space. Eventually, these long notes bleed into the final chorus, ornamenting it with embellishments and keeping it just as entrancing as before. 


If you love skilled vocalists, Jordan Mericle could be just what you’re looking for. Be sure to check out “Uncontrollable,” as well as the rest of her discography! You won’t be disappointed. 


Written by Alyce Lindberg

Q&A with Jordan Mericle

Q: Your lyrics are so intensely passionate. What was the inspiration behind “Uncontrollable”? 

JORDAN: Thank you for saying so! Like the lyrics in the first verse, I was actually driving my car down a snowy road listening to music on mostly full volume. It put me in a mood thinking about this one. The instrumentals for this song were already invoking a moody and powerful atmosphere that I wanted the melody to be driven yet boldly harmonic and for the lyrics to be passionate yet luxuriously pulling. It’s a song about the uncontrollable desire to be with someone, so I wanted to hone in on the urgency versus decadence of the moment.

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to follow your path as a musician?
JORDAN: I think I knew it from a very young age. I was always drawn to any musical movies and listening to CDs or the radio in the car with my Mom anywhere we went. I couldn’t not sing, so my parents put me in an after school music program in the fourth grade, where I had my first solo, and I think that’s when we all knew I was going to pursue it. From then on, it was just anything and everything musical and how much I could fit into my schedule. I actually majored in Music Theatre in college, but it was post-grad that I realized I truly wanted to be a recording artist. 
Q: Which artist do you think influenced your music the most, and which artist do you think people would be surprised to know you love?

JORDAN My two first loves were Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. I was so inspired by their powerhouse vocals and gorgeous songs. They were truly my greatest inspirations as a kid. Nowadays I listen to almost every genre, and it might surprise people to know how much I love J-Pop and that I am absolutely in love with composer Yuki Kajiura’s work.


Q: What has been, so far, your favorite song to perform and why?

JORDAN: I think the song that is most dear to me is “Stolen.” It is a highly personal piece I wrote during a devastating time in my life, when I truly felt I had hit rock bottom. It was cathartic to write that one, so singing that always reminds me of taking back my power and knowing how far I’ve come since then. It’s also rockin’ with a full band!


Q: What is coming up next for you?

JORDAN: Myself and my band mates (three insanely talented and kind dudes) are gearing up to hit the NYC live circuit! I did acoustic shows with my guitarist pre-pandemic, so this will be the first time we will be live on stage with everyone, at full strength, full album. Recording in studio or at home is fun, but it’s the live gigs that are really the driving force in any music career, so I’m looking forward to doing that on the regular again. Please stay tuned for a few more new releases, as well!


Q: Any parting words for your fans and supporters?

JORDAN: Thank you for standing by me all these years while I figure out who I want to be and what I want to bring to the table. I couldn’t do any of this without the people in my life cheering me on, despite the odds. I treasure every single person who has taken the time to listen, comment, and share. You have my sincerest gratitude.

Interviewed by Alyce Lindberg




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