“SOMETHING” by Wotts

“SOMETHING” by Wotts is a wonderful combination of sounds, influences, and feelings. With an 80s groove, contemporary melodies and vocal editing, and some richly distorted guitars, this track almost feels like an investigation into how many different qualities or moods one can smoothly fit into a piece. The answer is–a lot. This song is tactful, striking, and most of all, groovy.

It begins with some soft, unassuming chimes, immediately accompanied by an unapologetically 80’s drum machine fill. The vocals pour in with a fun, syrupy melody. Power chords hit certain beats with sudden fierceness. This is the kind of song that employs every instrument immediately, allowing the first verse to breathe more than most songs do. It’s refreshing to hear as most indie songs have a slow-burn trajectory.

The chorus bursts in with the words, “Well I gotta know / Well I gotta know / If you’re gonna be mine / I’ve been waiting all this time for you.” The vocalist pushes the melody to a higher pitch, intensifying the energy of the song and giving it a pleasant dynamic arc. It’s effortlessly catchy, as any good hook should be, and it absolutely sticks the landing in a songwriting sense.

If you want a genuinely unique pop/rock song to get into, you couldn’t do better than “SOMETHING.” Wotts managed to release a track that is both positive and multi-faceted, and approachable and well-produced. Be sure to give this indie-pop duo a listen, a like, a download, or a follow–or maybe just do all four.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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