“Memories of You” by Shane Travis

“Memories of You” by Shane Travis is the definition of warmth. From the harmonies to the gloriously spacy slide guitar, this song is the perfect bittersweet track to listen to on a rainy day. Shane manages to patch together the best aspects of many genres, like folk, country, pop, and blues to give us something pretty much anybody could enjoy.

The song begins with a fuzzy drone, sprinkled with audio clips of distant voices and laughter. Songs that begin with white noise just ooze creativity from the get-go. The drone soon gives way to some traditional instrumentation, including a shaker, acoustic guitar, piano, and bass. These instruments outline a sentimental chord progression, each one adding a different texture or motif into the mix. The verse slips in as Shane croons, “What I miss the most / Is when you’d show me places you had been, / Places I had never seen.” Already the listener is clued in on the mood and themes of the tune: longing and reminiscence.

However, as we steadily trot toward the chorus, we’re gifted with another set of lyrics that elaborate on this feeling. Here, Shane reveals that this relationship is not one to be regarded with regret, but thankfulness. Through gorgeous, full vocal layering and wisps of slide guitar, we hear about the poignant battle between appreciating the memories of someone–missing them even–while also understanding that those memories are in the past. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition and a no-brainer of a concept to set to music.

If you’re looking for a relaxing yet somewhat melancholy tune, this one’s a hit. Be sure to check out Shane Travis!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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