“Backwards” by Aidan Cross

There is so much to love about “Backwards” by Aidan Cross. This track follows the recipe for an indie rock song but with a touch more grit. If you ever find yourself listening to a song that would be so good if the artist would just dig in more, you’re in for a treat. Aidan does not hold back. His vocals are raspy and dynamically diverse. His chord choices are classic except in a few choice areas, where he lets the sound fall into this dark, non-diatonic place. He allows the track to sound a little imperfect. It’s organic. It’s raw. It’s the perfect alt-rock song.

Melodically, Aidan lands on a lot of really fascinating notes. At times, what he sings is almost pop-like, with a catchy arc to it. Then at others, he croons haunting chord tones that never cease to subvert your expectations. Often, his melodies are accompanied by another vocalist, singing in the octave above him. This has the effect of filling out and diversifying the sound–same with the occasional addition of a subtle harmony, casually panned to one ear.

The instrumentation is simple: guitar, bass, and drums. It’s hard to imagine this is enough to really animate a song, but Aidan layers the guitars in such a way that you couldn’t possibly want more. Some guitars strum crunchy, distorted chords while others play simple melodies. He even inserts feedback to add a little texture here and there. The drums have this crude, angsty feel to them, often performing eighth notes on toms or cymbals.

Give Aidan Cross a listen, especially if you like The Strokes or The Arctic Monkeys. His sound is definitely reminiscent of that 2000s indie sound. You won’t regret it!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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