“Close To The End” by The Starkillers

“Close To The End” by The Starkillers is a sparkling collection of perfect melodies, classic chord progressions, and expressive vocals. There’s an indulgence woven into it, bolstered by the fact that, using some tried-and-true songwriting tricks, this song just couldn’t have gone wrong. Every choice The Starkillers made ended up being the most effective one they could’ve made.

We’re greeted with a Metric-esque guitar riff and a casual hi-hat groove. You can already feel yourself being transported to the mid-2000s. From there, the other instruments trickle in slowly. Bass fills in the low register, drums heighten the energy, and another guitar adds a smidge of interest. The singer wails, “I became aware of the sirens way too late,” introducing us to a mood and begging a few questions. The first line of a song always says a lot about the lyricist–and in this case, we can tell they’re skilled based on the subtle yet meticulous combination of vagueness and specificity. It makes the listener curious to hear more.

The chorus comes along with a screamed line from the singer, showcasing not only his range but also his raspy timbre. This section consists of two distinct lines and two recitations of the hook. The repetition makes the chorus memorable and undeniably catchy. We get a little interlude/guitar solo after this, a pleasant departure from the lyrical content. It’s unique in that it’s kind of plucky and simple, emphasizing that quirky, indie feel.

Be sure to check out The Starkillers! “Close to the End” is an absolute hit.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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