“Pull Me Down” by ARI TAHAN

Ari Tahan’s soulful voice and enticing penmanship will leave you wanting more. Influenced by contemporary female artists like Avril Lavigne and Adele, the up-and-coming artist from Surrey is a force to be reckoned with. Her first single of the year–titled “Lights Down”–was listed by the BBC as “Track of the Week” earlier this year, and the songstress was even invited to perform at their BBC Introducing Live Lounge in Brighton.

Embracing her independence, “Pull Me Down” is the perfect anthem to jam out to when you’re in need of a mood booster. The muted guitar gives the track a rock edge that serves as a nice contrast to the R&B sound of the chord progression and the poppy chorus. Not only does Ari’s ear for harmonies blend seamlessly, the production techniques really pull the song together as it climbs up to the peak with Ari’s vocals, pouring her heart and soul out.

Ari’s eloquent lyrics will hit home for those who relate to the hurt that comes with the realization that you had been deceived by somebody you had feelings for. The track’s verses depict her experiences of being in a relationship filled with distrust, self-doubt, and uncertainty.

It is clear that Ari Tahan is here to stay and make her mark with her talents and empowering demeanor. “Pull Me Down” beautifully showcases her gift to is just the tip of the iceberg of Ari’s musical journey as there is no doubt she will continue to curate records that you will want to sing along to. 

Photo credits: Emma Hiley

Written by Alina Tran





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