“B Song – WW Remix” by Snakedoctors

It’s a shame if this is your first time hearing of Snakedoctors, but no worries because it’s never too late to notice a great thing. “B Song – WW Remix” is the fourth single from the Polish group off their double album “Four and a Half”. This track is a remix of a grunge song from lead singer and guitarist Wojciech, you can hear the heart and soul in the track mixed in with a bit of fun.

The remix of “B Song” is very relaxed and makes you bob you head while you do some deep thinking. It’s similar to “B Song Part 1” but has a less distorted sound to it, both equally great but which one you play will depend on your mood. The backing vocals mixed with the lightness is what makes the remix enticing.

The track has an 80s post punk/industrial sound to it, it makes you want to be a dark room with just one dim light on. It makes you want to dance, makes you want to think and makes you want to smile. “B Song- WW Remix” is a song that anyone is able to enjoy, when you hear the song, it will feel impossible to hate. As the track is ending you may have some thoughts that have popped into your head, embrace them and address them, this is the perfect track to do that to.

“B Song – WW Remix” is one of many great songs from album “Four And A Half”, if you loved that one, you’ll love the album. Make sure to check it out.

Written by Jayé Maverick





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