“Fake Gold” by Micki XO

“Fake Gold” by Micki XO is a lovely illustration of dream pop. With a driving yet calming beat, sparkly synths, and meticulously edited and affected vocals, this track harkens back to a Madonna-esque style of pop music. Lyrically, the message is digestible yet thought-provoking. It’s perfect for whatever mood you happen to be in–whether you’re looking for something uncomplicated and easy-listening, or you’re trying to get a little deep, “Fake Gold” can set the mood.

The beginning sports a fluid synth and a few pitched vocal samples. Micki sings the hook a few times with this smooth, soft tone. “How did I end up in this place,” she croons as the verse sets in. Swells and bright, sweeping textures fill the mix, carrying the momentum toward the chorus. As we reach this climactic moment, the vocals rocket into a higher register. The melody becomes catchier and more anthemic. The vocals are suddenly doused in layers of chorus. Electronic drums create a steady, driving groove. In an instant, most of the instrumentation drops to allow the melody to stand out. “Cold and numb I’ve, / Been here before,” Micki utters. By stripping this part down, she creates an incredibly emotional and captivating moment.

The rest of the song is peppered with these moments but mostly adheres to the previously hypnotic atmosphere. If you’re drawn to pop music but want something with a lot of substance, you couldn’t go wrong with anything by Micki XO. “Fake Gold” has the energy of a carefree electro tune but with the deep themes indicative of an excellent lyricist.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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