“Remedy” by Wu Wei Marathon

“Remedy” by Wu Wei Marathon is an exercise in masterfully integrating experimental effects into a classically well-written song. The song itself is overflowing with catchy, hypnotizing motifs and brilliant vocal melodies. However, this sound recording provides much more than just a good song. Wu Wei Marathon takes us on the ride of our lives with exciting throngs of autotune, chorus, and vocal sampling.

The tune commences with a synth and bass riff that doubles as a chord progression. It really is hard to name what the intro consists of because it serves both a melodic and harmonic purpose. Either way, it’s genius. “You really got me, babe,” the singer croons in this viscerally robotic autotune. It’s more than just your classic autotune–it’s deeply distorted, devoid of vibrato, and almost metallic sounding. All of this to say, this verse’s vocals have such a unique, fascinating effect, especially when paired with a stack of harmonies.

The chorus pops in with a flourish of bubbly synths. The autotune becomes a bit more natural here, and the vocal line stretches to a higher register. Dropping the autotune really allows the catchiness of the chorus to blossom. Plus, we get to hear a bit more of the timbre and idiosyncrasies of the singer’s voice. It’s a perfectly satisfying, climactic, and dynamic chorus.

If you like slightly unorthodox pop music, you’ll love Wu Wei Marathon. Be sure to give “Remedy” a listen and a download! It’s a wonderful example of how limitless modern technology has made the world of sound design.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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