“Space/Ripley” by About Gorillas and Vampires

Everyone loves a good 80s-reminiscent, synth-pop track. “Space/Ripley” by About Gorillas and Vampires is one of the catchiest illustrations of this genre. With its punchy drums, twinkly synths, and dramatic chord progressions, this track emulates one of history’s most nostalgic decades all while maintaining a cool, modern atmosphere.

We’re presented with a countdown in the intro, which promptly transitions into a verse. “I am floating through space,” the sultry, warm tone of the singer graces the ever-pulsing drums and synths. Harmonies subtly adorn the lead, adding a sense of fullness. The very last word of the verse signals three quickfire drum hits and a pause in extraneous instrumentation. The chorus envelops the sound with a wave of distinctly textured synths–some buzzing, some chiming, and some plucking. The harmonies thicken and the melody shoots into a higher register. It’s the kind of riveting chorus you expect from this kind of song, so it goes without saying that About Gorillas and Vampires delivered.

A little more than halfway through the track, we get a brief drum break with more of this spacey, radio chatter overlaid. It’s a creative, somewhat experimental way to add interest to a song. It takes the listener out of the groove for a moment to make the return of the chorus all the more satisfying.

Be sure to check out About Gorillas and Vampires! “Space/Ripley” is a testament to their knack for musical form and atmosphere building. If you’re a fan of dream pop or any kind of pop for that matter, you’ll love it.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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