“Love Song” by MNERVA

“Love Song” by MNERVA is going to start a resurgence in rock ballads. With all the power and angst of a pop-punk tune and the tenderness of a folk song, this track will send you on an emotional bender. The vocalist harnesses the strife of putting his feelings for someone into words both literally and through the vibrant emotionality in his voice. It’s a truly unforgettable track.

It starts with a piano, gently toggling between two notes. The vocalist chimes: “Don’t know how to write a love song / ‘Cause I’m to getting hurt.” The piano chugs on, keeping the accompaniment pretty minimal for the entirety of the verse. The chorus welcomes a splash of harmonies and a fuzzy synth bass. You can tell just by the energy of it that the later choruses will be a bit more filled out. It has a beautiful hesitancy to it, allowing the melodies and lyrics to breathe before the production becomes drastically more dramatic.

And dramatic it is–the second chorus crashes into existence with an explosion of distorted electric guitars, punchy drums, and a huge, buzzing, all-encompassing synth. The vocalist screams the hook at the top of his lungs, hitting home the urgency of the words: “I can’t write a love song, but I’ll put in the work.” It’s catchy. It’s memorable. It’s undeniably effective.

MNERVA is a master of creating emotionally gratifying songs so, if you’re in the market for a new favorite pop/rock artist, you’re in for a treat. Be sure to give him a listen and a follow!

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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