Review & Interview: “Keep Me From Falling Apart” by Brainheart

“Keep Me From Falling Apart” by Brainheart is what happens when a brilliant producer and a versatile, dynamic singer come together. Separately, both of these artists deliver a convincing product. The singer, Dorel, has this gymnastic, powerful, warm tone. His runs and effortless belts are not only impressive but fiercely organic. Brainheart’s production combines elements of pop, rock, and EDM with classic chord progressions, distorted guitars, and an incredibly gratifying drop. Together, however, these artists complement every aspect of the other’s craft.

The intro swells into existence with a clean guitar riff, which almost immediately welcomes the verse. “Close to the edge / I’m never going to forget / I’m losing my mind, when I look back in time / I don’t feel alright,” Dorel croons. An onslaught of power chords heightens the tension, and a higher octave doubles the melody. A hi-hat-heavy drum groove sets in as Dorel belts the last few lines of the pre-chorus. From here, the build takes a constantly upward trajectory, right up until the beat drops. “Keep me from falling apart,” he cries, bolstered by a rush of buzzing synths and some punchy electronic drums. There’s a sense of euphoria hanging over this moment that not many songs are able to boast. It’s a beautiful, elegant climax to a perfectly constructed song.

If you love classic EDM production, Brainheart will be your new favorite artist. Plus, there’s more where that came from. His E.P. “The Strange Kids” has even more of this tight, dramatically satisfying music. So, be sure to give him a like and a follow!

Q&A with Brainheart

Q: It’s so clear that you have a natural talent for music. This song is smoothly produced and emotionally gratifying. What first got you into music?

BRAINHEART: Thank you, I really appreciate the kind words. My mom used to listen to classical and orchestral music. This music touched my soul immediately. I got addicted to the instruments and melodies. Over the years, music saved my life so many times. I struggled a lot in school. Loneliness and emptiness are heavier than people can ever imagine. People couldn’t understand me, or help me and music was there for me in my darkest times. I grew up and I fell in love with more genres, especially EDM. There is something special about electronic music. I taught myself how to play piano at the age of 15 and a year later, I decided to produce music. Youtube was my teacher. I still have a lot to learn, and I am getting better every day.

Q: What has been one of the highlights of your music career so far?

BRAINHEART: The success of my song “Explore The World.” This song holds such a special place in my heart. It means the world to me, especially because I wrote it with my amazing and talented sister. This is the first song I ever released, and I never expected it to be huge.

Q: I see that you’ve had huge success with your song “Explore The World.” What did you take away from that experience?

BRAINHEART: Believe, believe, and believe… The song started to take off only a year after I released it. People started using it on their Instagram videos and it went viral. I never thought that my debut song would go viral! This song touches so many people and I am extremely grateful. It’s been a really cool thing to see the message in the song have such a profound impact on people. I was in such a strange place in life when this song came out. The success of this song gave me confidence. It made me believe I am good enough and that I must continue no matter what.

Q: What is different about “Keep Me From Falling Apart?” How does it contribute to your sound as an artist?

BRAINHEART: This song is really special. I made it with one of my best friends Dorel. Such an amazing singer that will go places. This is the first time that I’ve combined pop, pop-punk, and EDM together—genres that I love extremely. It was so fun creating it. I will definitely create another pop punk/EDM song in the future. Even though I’m not a great guitarist, I forced myself to play as much as I can. That’s why this song contains a lot of guitar layers, something that I will do more in my future productions for sure!

Q: What kind of advice would you give to other up-and-coming artists trying to get their names out there?

BRAINHEART: Stay independent, own your masters, and work hard. Think outside of the box! Don’t try too hard on social media, and don’t compare yourself to other artists. Always remember that it’s not about the destination, the journey is everything. Trust the process, and embrace the highs and the lows.

Q: Any parting words to your fans?

BRAINHEART: Thank you to every person who streams my songs. Words will never be able to describe how grateful I am. Knowing so many of you are connecting with my music has given me a lot of belief in myself and in my musical journey. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your lovely words and huge support. I read all the beautiful things you write about my songs, and I’m overflowing with happiness. Your videos, messages, the thoughts you share, your stories, and the massive compliments—I keep everything with me. You give me inspiration and motivation every single day. I’m so grateful and excited to continue to release more music!

Reviewed & Interviewed by Alyce Lindberg





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