“Headwires” by Frogs in Suits

“Headwires” by Frogs in Suits is what happens when you combine an organically unique vocalist, dynamically gifted musicians, and a well-written song. It effortlessly combines dreaminess and heaviness, as well as modern and vintage sounds. You might enjoy this band if you like The Smashing Pumpkins or The Killers. They carry wonderfully nostalgic energy.

The most noticeable thing about this song, at first, is the verse melody. It pretty much remains on the same note while the chords underneath it change. This has a few different effects: one being that while the melody is stagnant, it communicates distinct tonalities for each chord. The chords really have the opportunity to make a motif out of almost nothing. Secondly, the rhythm, tone, and timbre of the vocals get the chance to stand out. The singer’s voice has this bright, almost nasally texture to it, which really solidifies the individuality of this group.

The chorus comes with a much edgier sound. The guitars become deeply distorted. The drums frequent the crash cymbal. The melody takes on a bit more of an arc. It’s a wonderfully satisfying juxtaposition to the spacey verse. If you’re into this genre of music, nothing hits like a loud, angsty, gritty chorus.

Be sure to show “Headwires” some love, as it’s their first single from their upcoming EP, “Waist Deep,” which they describe as catering to a “hybrid of tastes.” If you like what you hear, keep your eyes peeled for the release! It’s scheduled to come out on December 2nd!

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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